As a professional dancer and choreographer, Erin was drawn to yoga and Pilates as a means to stay physically fit. However, as she became more dedicated to her practice, her perspective of movement gradually expanded. Not only a form of expression, it became a means to heal her body and mind. She received her certification as a 500hr Registered Yoga Instructor and Pilates Instructor at Studio Anya under the direction of Courtney Bauer and Victoria Yoffie. She is also a Certified AntiGravity® Fundamentals Instructor and recently became certified as a Lagree coach through Form50 Fitness.

Erin’s teaching style cultivates a deep sense of body awareness, with cues to help students remain aware and present within themselves throughout the class. With great attention to form and breath, Erin’s athletic and challenging classes target each part of the body, offering a full workout.

Erin teaches Pilates reformer classes at Just Like Om, Lagree megaformer classes at Form50 Fitness, and yoga teacher training classes at the Swedish Institute, as well as private yoga lessons.

Erin received her BFA in ballet pedagogy from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford and is also an experienced dance teacher.

ClassPass review for FORM50 TOTAL BODY

WOW. This was a one of a kind workout I’ve ever done!! My first time on a megaformer (largree) and I loved it. I used to be a dancer, and the type of workout it reminded me of was just like ballet—not exactly running around cardio, but conrolled moves done very slowly with resistance. I got such a killer workout! I can totally see how doing this after getting down to a low fat % would totally lean you out and define you like a model. Erin was the NICEST instructor I’ve ever met in any class; she was so attentive and corrected every single person, with a great attitude. Will be going back for her!!

ClassPass review for FORM50 TOTAL BODY

I love Form50 but I especially love when Erin leads. She’s so positive, encouraging, and sweet. I get a real empowering and heavy workout every time!

ClassPass review for Just Like Om JustReformer: STRENGTH

I’ve taken fitness classes from at least two dozen instructors in NYC, and Erin Dillon is THE best. So clear, so positive, so attentive, so encouraging! Always super challenging but always makes it fun to be there!

MindBody review for FORM50 TOTAL BODY

This was a super challenging class, even more so than usual. Lots of lunges, legs on fire (but also a good balance with other things). Erin has a ton of energy and is great at keeping you in it and motivated. She gives a lot of individual feedback while keeping the class moving and commiserating with how hard it is! Highly recommend if you want a challenge!

Overheard in class at Just Like OM Pilates Reformer: Sweat, Sculpt, Strength

One of your classes is worth, like, three of any of the other instructors’!

ClassPass review for FORM50 TOTAL BODY

There were a lot of newbies this time, and Erin did a fantastic job making them feel welcome and secure in the routine while also making sure to kick everybody’s butt! As always, a killer workout!

MindBody review for Just Like Om Yoga

Erin was fantastic! This was one of the best yoga classes I have taken. She is so knowledgeable, helpful, positive and overall awesome! Loved this class and can’t wait to return. She really helped me to feel comfortable and confidenta. Love this studio, too!